In love with you

I wasn’t

Hair falling across your face

Hands hesitating

Eyes glowing with


I never saw


Thoughts ideas possibilities

Hyper-real dreams

Textures of life

Falling on an open palm

I was in love with


Unknowns I thought

Only I

Could be

As the glove crafted

Threads stitching

Nothing into something

More important

Hyperboles spin until

Goodbyes are

Said better

And hellos are


In a rippling pond

Mistaken for a wishing well

Slippery with pennies

Fingers lapping them up

Into an economy

As elusive as



Your tinkling laugh

Echoing past obstacles

Real or just

In my head


I will champion you

Protect that

Freckled nose


Deflecting pain’s


To merely

A glare


Tomorrow we’ll

Make cookies


Silly songs


Through your

Whistling wiggle



Waiting for fairies


Princess plays

And mermaids

In the tub

Saint Illusion

Shrouded in magnanimity

Morosely recalcitrant

Dutifully I spit you up

Hack hack spew


My inflection carefully inspected

My name is bastard

The b is silent


Yawning in my digress

Shoulders swaying swaggering

Digesting superlatives

Plague upon plague


Locusts buzzing in the midst

The night and my hair

Lit up with strung lanterns


So long so long my buttercup

My faint tainted fae

My own arm tearing at the vein



Wiping back sweat

Look at me

See how I suffer


My philanthropic guilt

My limpid vanity

My dictators suffering

Is it in vain


Ethereal velvety floating

My halo my wings amidst the squalor

My feet never touch the ground


Send me your people

Your starving

Your lonely

Your downtrodden


Yearning for life

For love

For ME

Supercilious I sit

My crown my queen’s chamber pot

I offer you the world

As a token

Spoken in lies deceit

Come to me

Come to me NOW

Commanding my presence

Presents dazzling

Diamonds stolen from your minds

Picked from your mouths

Jewels from your loins

Through these gates

You come unaware

Into my harbor

Safe passage seeking

A way to hell

Through my broken rib

My rotting spinal cord

My dove of doom

I lead you feed you

My Promise Land